How to open stanley utility knife 10-179?

if you are having trouble opening your stanley utility knife 10-179, there are a few things you can try. first, make sure that the blade is fully extended. if it is not, the blade may be stuck and you will need to use a screwdriver or other tool to release it. if the blade is extended but won’t open, the problem may be with the locking mechanism. try moving the lock back and forth to see if that releases the blade. if neither of these solutions work, you may need to contact stanley customer service for further assistance.

To open the utility knife, you will need to depress the release button on the side of the knife. This will allow the blade to slide out of the side of the knife.

How do you open a Stanley safety knife?

There’s a button on the back handle of the knife. All You need to do is push that button, pull the blade out, and then release the button to lock the blade in place.

For the standard model plate storage can be accessed by pushing on the button in the bottom of the drawer. The drawer will slide out and the plates can be removed.

How do you take the end off a Stanley knife

When breaking off the blade edge, it is important to firmly grasp the blade edge as close to the separation line as possible. This will make it easier and safer to snap off the blade edge. Once you firmly grasp the blade edge with a plier, you can break it by applying a downward force.

To remove the blade from the plastic housing, you have to push the plastic button near the tip and simultaneously pull out the blade (or push in the blade).

How does an assisted opening knife work?

As the user applies manual pressure to the thumbstud to open the knife, a mechanism such as a torsion spring moves along a track in the liner and rapidly rotates the blade into the open and locked position. The torsion spring is a spring that is wrapped around an axle and exerts a twisting force. This type of spring is often used in knives because it can store a large amount of energy in a small amount of space.

You just need to pop the top off of the utility knife or casing to access the mechanism.

How does a retractable utility knife work?

Only after the blade advance button is released or retracted will the blade of this auto retracting knife begin to close. Be sure to keep your fingers away from the blade during this process.

The top button on thedevice is is advanced as far forward as it’ll go. Pressing the yellow button will just enable more devices to be added later on if needed

How do you fold a utility knife

The purpose of this piece is to keep the blade in place when the knife is turned 90 degrees. This is an important safety feature that helps to prevent the blade from becoming loose and coming out of the handle.

The release lever on the blade carrier Until it disengages with a knife and carefully Slide the blade out of the carrier. If the blade is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Why is a Stanley knife called a Stanley knife?

A Stanley knife is a type of knife used for various cuts and slicing tasks. It is named after the US tool manufacturer Stanley Works, which formerly used the brand name Stanley. The knife consists of a handle with a blade that can be extended or retracted.

Thank you for your question! On this model of coffee maker, there is a small black plastic button that you hold in order to brew the coffee. There is no need to remove the pot in order to do this.

What is a locking folding knife

A locking blade knife is a type of folding knife that includes a mechanism that locks the blade in place, both when open and closed. When closed, the knife’s sharp edge is concealed in the handle. Most people consider a locking blade knife to be safer than a fixed blade knife, especially for young or new knife owners.

Butterfly knives, or balisongs, are knives that have two pivot points, allowing the user to easily flip the knife open. Balisongs are great for self-defense and make excellent EDC (every day carry) knives.

What is an auto open knife?

An automatic knife is a knife that opens itself when the user pushes a button. Autos fall into two broad categories: side-opening automatic knives and out-the-front automatic knives (or OTFs).

Buck 110 Automatic Knife is an example of a side-opening automatic knife. These knives are opened by pushing a button or lever on the side of the blade. The blade swings out from the side of the handle, and locks into place.

OTF knives are opened by pushing a button or lever on the handle. The blade slides out of the handle, and locks into place. OTF knives are also known as switchblades.

Both types of knives are illegal in many jurisdictions. So before buying or carrying an automatic knife, be sure to check your local laws.

There are two main types of spring assisted knives: those with a flipper and those with a thumb stud. The flipper is a part of the blade that protrudes out of the back of the knife. The user will “pull down” on the flipper to start the opening processes. The thumb stud is a stud on the blade which the user will push open with their thumb.


To open the Stanley Utility Knife 10-179, first remove the blade guard by pushing the sliding tab at the top of the knife. Next, hold the knife in one hand with the blade exposed. To extend the blade, press the blade release button and slide the blade out to the desired position. To retract the blade, press the blade release button and slide the blade back into the knife.

There are a few things that you need to do in order to open Stanley utility knife 10-179. First, you will need to find the red button on the handle of the knife. Once you have found the button, you will need to press it down and hold it. Next, you will need to use your other hand to push the blade out of the handle. Once the blade is out, you can release the button and the blade will stay in place.

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