What does the spanner mean on dashboard?

If you see a spanner on your dashboard, it means that there is a problem with your car and it needs to be serviced.

The spanner on the dashboard of a car typically means that the vehicle is due for routine maintenance.

Can you drive with wrench light on?

If you have a warning light that is flashing, you should pull over and have your vehicle towed. If you have a service light, you can drive a little while longer, but you should call or go online at stampsautocom and schedule your next service.

As you can see, the button is labeled “Off.” To turn the ignition off, press and hold this button. To turn the ignition on, switch the ignition to the “On” position.

What does spanner mean on Ford

If your vehicle is equipped with this light, it will come on when the computer detects an issue with your vehicle’s powertrain or four-wheel-drive system. If this light comes on, you should bring your vehicle to a qualified mechanic as soon as possible to have it checked out. Depending on the severity of the issue, it may be something as simple as a loose gas cap or a more serious problem that will require more extensive repairs.

The maintenance minder indicator is a yellow spanner or ‘wrench’ that will illuminate on the Honda dashboard when scheduled maintenance or a service is due. The maintenance minder will typically inform the driver of the oil life in the engine when it has only 15% remaining of life and is due for a change.

Can wrench light mean oil change?

If you see the amber wrench light on your Ford car, it means that your oil needs to be changed. So if it’s been a while since you last did a oil change, you should get to it as soon as possible.

The wrench light is a warning light that comes on when your car needs service. It usually indicates that there is a problem with the car that needs to be fixed.

What does the orange wrench light mean?

The wrench indicator light on your car’s dashboard is a warning that the present maintenance period has arrived. It should come on after the ignition is turned on, and should turn off after a few seconds. If it does not, then you should have your car checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.

If you see the oil light on in your car, it means one of two things: either the oil level is low and you need to add more, or, if the vehicle tracks the mileage since the previous oil change, the light is a warning that an oil change is due. In either case, it’s best to stop and take care of the problem as soon as possible to avoid engine damage.

How serious is a powertrain malfunction

If you notice any kind of problem with your car’s powertrain, you should pull over immediately and get a tow. It’s possible that the problem is minor and can be fixed easily, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Continuing to use your car with a powertrain fault might lead to more severe transmission or engine damage.

The Ford Transit spanner symbol indicates that an engine service is required. The symbol may illuminate in orange, yellow, or amber to indicate this. The Symbol may vary, for instance a spanner contained inside a vehicle may show a different color. The Symbol may illuminate in red to indicate contaminated oil that is in need of replacing.

Is the wrench light the check engine light?

The Mazda wrench light is a maintenance interval reminder that is different from your check engine light. This light is designed to remind you when it is time to take your vehicle in for maintenance, such as an oil change or tire rotation. It is important to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle to keep it running properly and to avoid costly repairs.

If you have a Honda and the dashboard displays a wrench icon, it is time for your next scheduled maintenance appointment. The wrench indicator on Honda automobiles is merely a maintenance indicator. The indicator lamp is a component of Honda’s maintenance reminder system.

What does the little wrench mean on my Honda

The maintenance code on your dashboard is there to inform you of what kind of service your vehicle needs. This lets you know if your vehicle needs service via sensor readings throughout your vehicle. Then, it informs you of the optimal time for servicing your model. A maintenance code will pop up on your dashboard alongside your wrench light.

The Maintenance Minder is a great way to keep on top of your car’s recommended service appointments. When it comes on, it’s simply reminding you that it’s time to schedule a maintenance procedure at your local Honda dealership. By keeping up with your car’s maintenance, you can help ensure its longevity and peak performance. Thanks for taking care of your car!

What is yellow wrench light?

The yellow wrench icon on the dashboard is a reminder that there is an upcoming maintenance requirement for the car. Scheduled repairs can range from oil changes and tune-ups to replacement of worn parts or entire systems in the car. Knowing when your car needs service will help save you time and money in the long run.

If you see the maintenance required light come on in your car, it means that the car is due for an oil change. This light will remain on if you have driven more than 5,000 miles since the last time the maintenance data was reset.


The spanner on the dashboard is a warning light that indicates that the car needs to be serviced.

The spanner on the dashboard means that there is a problem with the car’s engine.

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